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Out in the field

We design and deliver programs of work to help our clients better collaborate, innovate and transform.

We design and deliver change journeys for individuals, organisations, and systems. We specialise in cross-sector collaboration and systemic transformation and our programs can range from weeks to years, and from local to global.

We design and deliver bespoke learning capsules and programs to amplify and accelerate the spread of knowledge and know-how around collaborative design.

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Case Study NZ Ministry of Education

Co-designing the future of education in New Zealand

Engaging with over 1,500 citizens through two participative summits
Case Study NSW Law Society

Transforming the processing of asylum seekers in Australia

Initiating a movement of change to influence policy making
Case Study LINZ

Transforming the organisational culture

A 2-year individual and collective change journey
Looking for speakers?

We often speak in internal or public events to share the key insights from our work in the field.

More of our work over the years
Consulting Singapore


Shifting the leadership culture
Consulting China


Developing & implementing a new business model
Consulting Australia


Developing a culture of innovation
Consulting Australia


Becoming more student centric
Consulting Canada

Government of B.C

Natural resource sector transformation
Consulting Australia

Bank of Queensland

Salvaging a strategic project and deploying agile
Consulting Canada

Public Sector Organization

Developing an Agile Culture
Consulting Canada

Doctors of British Columbia

Better collaboration by design
Consulting Online

WWF & Traffic

Increasing community engagement and impact
Consulting Canada

Haida Gwaii Institute

Co-designing a strategic plan