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Our Purpose

We create space for new possibilities to emerge, so that together we can solve problems bigger than ourselves

Field Team

Phillippe Coullomb

Philippe Coullomb

Transformation Designer

Philippe has developed a deep experience in transformation design and group genius facilitation across all industries and all continents. He engages with leaders, teams and communities to co-design approaches for the deep transformation of complex systems. He helps create the conditions for emergence of new ways of doing business and guides large groups on their journey through complexity.

Sandra Daniel

Strategy and Change Designer

Sandra has fifteen years experience supporting groups of people, organizations and individuals to navigate through complex periods of change all around the world. Designing strategies and change processes, she engages with all walks of life to help them design their own approaches for the emergence of new ways of working. Sandra’s specific expertise is in cultural transformation and public sector environments.

Sandra Daniel
Phillippe Coullomb

Cédric Defay

Transformation Designer

Cédric started his career as an IT project manager, building web-based business solutions for his clients from all industries. He discovered co-design and group genius facilitation in 2007 and decided to explore and dig into this wide universe. Since then, he has supported leaders and companies on the exciting journey of collaborative innovation and transformation. More recently, he started developing capability building, training and coaching activities for peers and clients. He is passionate about gaming and explores how game design principles and mechanisms can enhance the practice of collaborative design.

Jarryd Daymond

Research Associate

Pei Leng Yap

Operations Support

Valentin Bore

Collaboration Designer

Sven Lefers

Experience Designer

Georgie Nevile

Collaboration Designer

Guenola Rasa

Designer & Facilitator

Shoba Chandran

Designer & Facilitator

Amanda Wright


Samuel Chua

Human Systems Designer

Vanessa Humphrey

Designer & Facilitator

Sébastien Gaffori

Director of Strategy & Business Development

Heather Dunlop

Systemic Change Consultant

Britt Allen

Systemic Change Consultant

Briana Vojnovich

Systemic Change Consultant
Past and current clients
Ministry of Education
NSW Law Society
British Columbia
BNP Paribas
Bank of Queensland
Ernst & Young
Inland Revenue
How we work

We believe organisations of the future need to operate as living systems that are interconnected, independent and capable of responding to constantly changing environments.

The role of the leader is to take their organisation on the journey and to inspire greatness. Our role is to help them do so.
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Transformation journeys involve a handful of disruptive tipping points and numerous smaller changes signalling that times are changing. Designing such a journey requires careful sequencing of game-changing collective experiences to leave deep memories across the system, as well as a multitude of lighter touch points, over time, to reinforce new patterns and behaviours.

The transformative journey is both collective and individual. By being slightly ahead of the curve and in sync with the “system” as it evolves, leaders can drive the transformation with confidence and respect. We design the personal and collective journeys to support deep and sustainable systemic change, and to help leaders deal with complexity from vision to execution.


We collaborate with multiple organisations globally to respond to the specific needs of each of our engagements. In addition, we have developed more structured partnerships with three organisations in Europe, China and North America that share our vision, our values, and our standards of operations.

Tomorrow Makers
Non-profit corporation inspiring and engaging with leaders, communities and organizations to design and facilitate pathways to address complex and critical challenges.
United States
Alternative form of consulting that shake up your habits and beliefs and offer you new standards, adapted to what problems you now have to solve.
Creative HQ
Help innovators around the world to transform their ideas into real-world solutions. But not by simply supplying the answer. Instead, they put people at the heart of their own problems.
New Zealand