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Field Team

Philippe Coullomb

Transformation Designer

Philippe is a seasoned global facilitator and management consultant with more than 16 years’ experience focused on designing and facilitating workshops and collaborative engagements around multiple stakeholders and highly complex issues.

He is a skilled practitioner in the MG Taylor methodology used in many large organisations and institutions, and for large-scale global gatherings like the World Economic Forum. Recognised as an innovator within the MG Taylor community, Philippe has a long-standing interest in enabling cross-sector interaction, community building and collaborative innovation. In the past 4 years, he has been actively exploring new ways and tools to catalyse and support such activities by connecting grassroots organisations, individual practitioners, business, government, academics and social entrepreneurs across Asia-Pacific.

Philippe joined Gemini Consulting (later Capgemini Consulting) in 1998 and managed various projects within large organisations in France, The Netherlands and Singapore, mostly revolving around the strategic alignment between IT and the rest of the business. In 2003, he was exposed for the first time to the MG Taylor methodology; combining models that help decrypt and navigate complexity, and processes that support the design and delivery of consulting engagements in a nontraditional way.

For 10 years at Capgemini in France, and then in Australia from 2010, he leveraged this method to co-design how people worked so they could develop innovative and sustainable solutions to their most complex problems. His work took multiple forms, from three-day Design workshops focusing on outcomes and decision-making to multi-year transformation journeys, and involving audiences from leadership teams to entire organisations or beyond.

In 2009, Philippe was asked by Capgemini’s global leadership to head a two-month innovation project on consulting models for the emerging knowledge economy. In early 2013, he left the consulting world to co-found an independent design and facilitation venture to explore new ways of tackling complexity and creating value. Most of his work has been focused on regional collaboration models for multi-cultural teams.

Today, he leads Openfield – a collective he co-founded with a long time colleague and friend. He consults in collaboration, innovation and transformation to helps leaders and executives deliver on their boldest ambitions from vision to execution. In the recent years, he increasingly focused on cross-sector collaboration and systemic change on three global issues: climate change, education, and first nations rights.