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Prepare for, design and navigate change in a complex environment



Openfield institute
The Change Platform model is a systemic transformation model to help organizations and communities prepare for, design and navigate change in our complex environment. The model is built on the principle that change is a journey rather than a project that can simply be planned and executed. The current level of uncertainty in the world requires that we take an organic and agile approach to transformation, building on strong leadership and without compromising on values and value add.

Organisations develop remarkably powerful immune systems to neutralise any potential change. We need to create a safe space for experimentation and protect it until the ‘new ways’ become mainstream and the momentum of change is strong enough. For that we create a scaffolding for change.

We have identified the core components of that scaffolding and modelled their key articulations to create a comprehensive framework for designers, leaders and others working in the public and community sectors to consider the necessary components of systemic change.

Strategic navigation

Harness the full potential of the organisation’s leadership team. Ensure alignment between the upper layers of the organisation – board, executive team and top management – on the strategic intent and priorities, as well as the core principles for driving change. Provide executive teams with an agile experimentation engine to test strategic hypotheses and generate evidence based insights. Accelerate feedback loops and facilitate decision-making to enable agile strategic planning and execution.


Operational navigation

Create a safe experimental zone that encourages and supports different ways of thinking, working, and being. Ensure continuous alignment and healthy dialogue between teams and their sponsors. Monitor progress and team dynamics to detect and address challenges early by removing obstacles and providing targeted support. Clear paths so that processes within the system flow naturally and efficiently. Design the sequences of work and interactions to unleash the full potential of individuals and teams. Leverage visualisation to help all stakeholders deal with the inherent complexity of their undertaking.


Narrative regeneration

Develop a new narrative for the organisation that is consistent with the transformational intent and facilitate the amplification of this narrative until it becomes mainstream. Leverage storytelling to facilitate sense-making. Create anchors, evidence and shared symbols of the new emerging paradigm. Watch the introduction video



Map the key internal and external ecosystem and deliberately model the wiring of relationships and interdependencies to support the transformational intent. Facilitate genuine co-design, cross-functional and cross-sector collaboration, and collective decision making. Expose the organisation by design to the requisite variety of ways of thinking, being and doing to allow for true reframing and recontextualisation.


Physical & digital environment

Create the right context for the work to facilitate the emergence of the desired behaviours and mindset. Improve or transform the physical and digital working environments to improve collaboration, accelerate decision making and drive engagement. Consider team productivity as well as relationships and identity building to create human connections that foster trust, solidarity and care.


Body of knowledge

Renew and grow the body of tools, models and methods used across the organisation in order to facilitate the adoption of new ways of thinking and doing. When relevant, retire the elements of the current body of Knowledge that most contradict the transformational intent. Foster the emergence of new ways of knowing and being that are more appropriate to our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Coach and mentor resources at any level of seniority – including executives – to accelerate change and develop in-house capability.

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  • Create a change readiness diagnostic
  • Facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue around transformation
  • Design a transformation journey
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